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We also offer E.S.L.



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Private Lessons

(one on one or with one of your friend for the same price)


We offer PRIVATE and SEMI-PRIVATE lessons in the following:
French, Spanish, Italian, German, English, Mandarin, Japanese and now Portuguese!


If you are interested in private and semi-private lessons, Savoir Faire offers personalized and flexible private and semi-private lessons to accommodate your busy schedule. 


One on one instruction can:

Designed for flexibility and effectiveness

S.F.L.I. offers private lessons and group coaching as well as longer, intensive language seminars for all levels, from beginners to advanced students and professionals.  

Our language lessons offer a step-by-step approach to learning to communicate in a foreign language. Authentic and natural dialogues taken from real life provide contexts for learning to communicate and allow you to hear and respond to the foreign language as it is really spoken.



Our method of choice: CLT

CLT is characterized as a broad approach to teaching, rather than as a teaching method with a clearly defined set of classroom practices. As such, it is most often defined as a list of general principles or features. One of the most recognized of these lists is the five features of CLT:

Out teachers are very interested in the needs and desires of their learners as well as the connection between the language as it is taught in their class and as it used outside the classroom. These teaching practices help students develop their communicative competence in an authentic context. In the classroom CLT often takes the form of pair and group work requiring negotiation and cooperation between learners, fluency-based activities that encourage learners to develop their confidence, role-plays in which students practice and develop language functions, as well as judicious use of grammar and pronunciation focused activities.


Our courses include stimulating activities such as:

All topped with a fascinating glimpse into life & culture, presented by our excellent, native teachers!


How to schedule a lesson:

Private lessons are scheduled by calling our office.  When you phone, it is best to give us a general range of days and times which can work for you.  This way, we can accommodate you quickly and with the teacher most suited to your needs.  Phone 310.378.1086


Tuition Fees & Scheduling Policy

The price for private and semi-private lessons depends on the number of hours you purchase at one time, and the number of people in your group.