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Course Descriptions



We are not your high school language class! Recent research into first and second language learning shows that a communicative, interactive method is the most effective and efficient way to start speaking a foreign language.   Are you worried about tripping over your tongue or not "getting it"? Don't be! Our curriculum is specially organized to support beginners. Expect lots of carefully designed speaking activities and mini conversations where you can safely practice with your fellow students to become fluent as you go. To us, it doesn't make sense to pile up two years worth of grammar constructions before you begin to master speaking. You need to get productive, now! Our students want to accomplish more than being able to read better than they speak.   The SF method makes sure you can be successful outside the classroom as well as inside. We support your future real -life conversations by setting up many, simulated practice situations in which you are really going to find yourself;   - on a train, in a restaurant, booking a room, inquiring about family, social chit chat, etc. Grammar is taught then applied again and again!



Everyone agrees the immersion approach is the most powerful but the prospect of sitting in a class in which you don't understand the language can be understandably daunting.   To support you, our teachers are trained to teach in the immersion approach. If you don't understand it is not your fault! We equip you with our exclusive, Clarification Phrases © which empower you to immediately ask your teacher to make something clearer. You are never lost for long! Our student feedback tells us that SF's Clarification Phrases © improved their communication ability in a native speaking country!




Savoir Faire has carefully chosen foreign language texts and support materials to complement our communicative/immersion approach.   The texts and cds organize information for you and support you at home with further study. Our expert teachers use the texts as springboards for their lively and engaging lessons. In addition, a special bilingual grammar book coordinated with the main programs can be purchase in Spanish, French and Italian for levels 1 - 4 for those students who want to do more in depth self- study.


Class Level (Approximate guidelines)

  1. Short introductory course: NO background what so ever in the language
  2. Level 1
  3. Level 2
  4. Level 3
  5. Level 4
  6. conversational


For students who never studied the language before. 

A true introductory beginning level, In a relaxed, social atmosphere, empathetic teachers create effective practice activities and present new information slowly, clearly in an organized manner and repeated and practiced often. We encourage your questions and are happy to re-teach until you feel comfortable. 60% immersion. Students will have the opportunity to continue this course.



1 to 2 years high school, 1 college semester (Beginner) or if you took our intro course.

At a beginning level, new information must be presented clearly in an organized manner and repeated and practiced often. Our teachers encourage your questions and are happy to re-teach until you feel comfortable. Comfortable and successful students accelerate! We apply our 15 years of experience to create mini-conversational opportunities so students can orally practice just what they know. You are never out of your depth. We know what it takes for a successful beginning class, a relaxed, social atmosphere, effective practice activities and empathetic teachers. You will be impressed with how well you and your fellow students can converse when you have completed the first year 85% immersion



4 years high school, 2+ college semesters (Low intermediate)

Our commitment to conversational practice continues in the second year. By the end of level 2, find yourself quite confidently discussing with a fellow student something you saw on the news – entirely in a foreign language! More and more opportunities are provided for you to simply, “make yourself understood” or in other words, apply, as creatively as you can, the structures and vocabulary you are learning in the textbook curriculum. Powerful techniques such as, SF’s “No English Spoken” are introduced. This technique gets students comfortable using the language they have in contexts – just like in real life! 90% immersion



4+ college semesters (Intermediate)

Rollicking conversations, jokes and debates led by our passionate teachers characterize the end of level 3. The advanced grammar you study in the textbook are applied in increasingly challenging strategies and techniques that encourage you to begin to “think” in a foreign language. After participating in these activities, students find language lows from their brain to their tongues more automatically. It takes surprising little time to dredge up old language experiences. It you are a rusty intermediate speaker, this is the course to bring it all back! 95% immersion



Speaking like a native is the goal of our advanced levels. These are very social classes where students become friends and use foreign language to interact socially. The native speaking teacher acts as a facilitator, correcting, teaching mini lessons and providing material for interesting and provoking conversations that demand ore advanced constructions from students. Classes meet weekly for conversation and often form a “lunch club”. Perfect for students who have lived in a foreign county but did not reach native-like fluency or have 5 years of college or more. 100% immersion


Group Adult schedule & prices



Are you unable to find a class that fits your schedule? Call us at (310) 379 1086 or Email Us! We will work with you to create a program that fits your life!